The Pavilion of IIUM Matric

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Its the end of the semester and its time for the final project. How about if you listen to the ‘Final Countdown-Europe’ song when you reading this blog? OK.. its for my core course, Environmental Design 2.

As I mention earlier, we need to design a pavilion. I started a lil bit late because of editing video. So, in order to catch up with my studiomates, I just do the butter paper, I don’t trace it on tracing paper. It will take more time. Besides, the quality is the same.

I’ve drafted for 3 days and I photostat it on Friday at Uncle’s Win stationery shop. I went with Azim. Glad we are one of the earliest to photostat our project. Starting from Friday till Sunday, more students come to the shop.

After that, I went back home. Yeah, to release tension with TV, PS2, streamyx and so on. I returned back to college on Saturday night. Yeah, I need to finish colouring this project and render it as heavy as I could. Its not necessary actually. But its my style.

One the submission day, Monday 14th March, I went to studio with Sharif and let Mdm Nurhaya tick our submission. Have I told you that I used the same ol’ concept, the car in my pavilion.

The next day, Tuesday is the presentation day. I got early and prepare well for it. The assessor is Mdm Norliza. My presentation is going smooth but after I finish it, she argued with me about the softscapes name especially the plants. Yeah, I admit I cheated about the name. I don’t know that her background was in landscape architecture. Damn, I was so embarassed by it.

Adlan – Hope I can excel in my verbal presentation.

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