Ikhwan Nazri-Hazwani: The Wedding of the Man behind WeddingKami

Salam. I went to my twitter friend wedding reception in Ampang last saturday. What makes this special is that it is the wedding of Ikhwan Nazri, a.k.a Tekong the guy behind Weddingkami and Officekami.

This is the special blog post for him. He’s married to Hazwani or @n3thead. According to him, they met through Yahoo! 360 website. If he doesn’t check his 360 at that time, he might never met with her.

Its WeddingKami! Website

First of all, its the invitation. He also created his own Weddingkami website with the creative URL of its.weddingkami.com. Cool eh?!

Wedding Reception at Ampang

I also had the chance to meet with some bloggers/twitterers including ShamHardy, NoktahHitam, MrKay (Orange4K), AisyahKama, IzzudinHelmi, Amanfirdaus and many more. I hope I’ll meet them again in any event in the future.

For more photographic report, visit The Reception of Bloggers Syam Aeropama and Ikhwan Tekong and Di Hari #TekongKawin yang lepas. Most of them carry DSLR and I’m a bit outdated with this point-and-shoot camera.

Inspira-Wedding Photoshoot

Among the coolest thing that makes me adore this guy is that, he is the first couple who gets the chance to get up close and personal with Proton Inspira.

Well, I’m praying that this couple will be showered with blessings from Allah and may their marriage last forever, InshaAllah.

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