Tiring Wednesday

Its time to show off our projects. The night before, I didn’t go to sleep. Just to finish up all the colouring. Eventually, I finish colour the 1:1 scale model with my friend by 3am. And then, after that, I stay up until 8am. Hehe.. I got Computer class at 8, that’s why I dun wanna sleep.

During the class session, I felt asleep a few times. Yeah, I don’t go to bed last nite. Even after computer class, I got to watch a VCD about the ‘Miracles of Quran’, release by Saba Islamic Media, on my Basic Themes of Quran (BTQ) class. So, I admitted that the movie is not very interesting. Hey, I need to watch it when I was very sleepy. Hah.. I dun get any input about it.

But, if you guys wanna know more about the miracles of Quran, you guys should check the debate between Dr. Zakir Naik and Dr. William Campbell. Its like Quran vs Bible in the scientific research. So, the VCD also distributed by Saba Islamic Media. Their headquarters is not far from my house. Just located in Setiawangsa.

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