Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Movie Review


Salam. Its been a weeek since the official screening of Transformers 2 in Malaysia. I bet some of you might have watch it in the cinema. Here’s my thought about the movie. I don’t want to write a long review here. If you want to read a long and honest review, you can click read here.

Action vs drama

This thing happen to most movie producers and directors. The same goes to Terminator Salvation movie last month. I can say that, if the movie want to focus more on the actions, then it will lose the drama or good storyline. Still remember ‘The Day After Tomorrow’? I hope 2012 movie won’t repeat the same thing.

OK, back to Transformers. I can say that after the first Transformers movie, people especially the Transformers fans want to see more robots. For me, I’m not satisfied with Transformer 1 because only there are only few Autobots and Decepticons. That’s why Michael Bay tried to give what the fans want. After all, this is a Transformers movie. So, it is all about the Transformers. Unless the movie is ‘Sam Witwicky: The Origin’, then you can watch a lot of drama and comedy about Sam.

For me, Transformers is really cool. But the action is too much. I agreed with most of the review because a good movie is all about good story. Well, congratulation to Michael Bay. You have finally makes Transformer looks so real and looks too much. 2.5 hours is quite long but the same goes for Lord of the Rings movies, isn’t it?

But, I cannot imagine a Transformers movie that has too many drama. Then, people will blame him for lack of actions.

In the next entry, I’d like to write about Transformers concept art and robot design.

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