Trying out the new Ubuntu 11.04 on my PC


This is my third time running Ubuntu on my PC. My first time running Ubuntu was in 2007. It was just from a test disk because I still needed to use lots of graphics software such as Adobe Suites and 3D Studio Max.

The second Linux is Jolicloud, which I installed on my netbook in 2010. Finally in year 2011, I have the confidence to try Ubuntu on my primary machine.

Why I changed to Ubuntu?

  1. Because I use my computer mainly for internet, blog, social networking and a little bit of website design and coding.
  2. My PC is an old one. Its not compatible with Windows 7.
  3. I want a new feel on this old machine.
  4. I’m sick of getting Windows-targeted viruses, worms, malware and the like.

Even though I’m running Ubuntu, I still have Windows XP to run alongside. I just can’t figure out how to run Photoshop on Ubuntu.

I’ll continue in my next post to share with you why I prefer Ubuntu over Windows.

If you have tried Ubuntu, please share with me your experience in the comment section below.

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4 thoughts on “Trying out the new Ubuntu 11.04 on my PC”

  1. My Iraqi lecturer shocked me when he opened his laptop in one occasion and he’s using Ubuntu. I’m just saying ’cause I never saw an old man running on Ubuntu.


  2. I never tried Ubuntu, but right now I’m running openSUSE since I need to host an application there. Regarding Windows7, if your PC is running Windows XP very well, Windows 7 should be any problem. Remember the PC at Tok Ma’s house? I’ve successfully installed Windows 7 without any issue. Worth to try. Take Care. Selamat Berpuasa.

    1. Yeah. I almost forgot about that. I’ll try to run Windows 7 since there are some not cool thing about Ubuntu that reduces my productivity. Hehe. Thanks for the suggestion! Selamat berpuasa sunat dan selamat hari raya!

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