Turning 21 years old

First of all, I’d like to thanks those who wishes birthday to me. I really appreciate that either through SMS or Friendster.

So, from 1st June up till the time I post this blog, I’ve got 18 SMS and 27 Comments/Testimonials from Friendster wishing for my birthday. Pikot is the first girl sending me SMS. Dzafirah got no credit at that time, so its better late than never. Its not important either being the first of belated, the important is how your friend remember you birthday. Its not a big thing but its totally something if you value your friendship or relationship.

But seriously, I’m not good in remembering those dates. So I’m sorry if I don’t wish you guys back. Friendster is a good platform for telling us our friends birthday.

Actually this is what happen that night when the clock struck 12 in the midnight. It was Tuesday night and I’ve got meeting. After that, I only think of doing my SketchUp for the multidip project. Seriously I forget about the date and time. Suddenly my friends said that they want to tell something and hope I don’t feel bad about it. To my surprise.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Damn! How can I forget about it? As soon after that, I keep receiving SMS but I keep doing my job till morning.

I don’t know when or where to celebrate this birthday. I still remember the last years celebration with my GEMINI friends in UIA. I’ve can’t wait to finish multidip project and settle things down next week. So, if you wanna wish for my birthday, the next is 6/6/2008. Put a reminder on your handphone and please tell me your name in the message. Its funny to see how I don’t know people who wishes for my birthday through SMS.

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