I went to UKM as an accompanying teacher for the school to-be prefects leadership camp. It was organized by UKM students, under Kofektor Training and Motivation (?) company. Since it was under the company, that’s why the school have to pay more for every students fee. Unlike if the program was organized by students’ society, which is usually got it financial support from the university administration.

As a teacher, there’s nothing I could do instead of chatting with other teachers. Yea, the program was meant for the students. I’m a bit awkward when the facilitator call me ‘cikgu’ because, I’m just 20 and he’s gonna graduate. He’s older than me of course! Its not such an interesting program (compared to AKHI) and for 2 days 1 night, it costs each students RM45/=. What do you think, is it worth it?

Since my stay at UKM was kinda short, here’s what I’ve in my mind about it. I just realized that only UIA has its residential colleges’ separated according to gender. In UKM, for instance, I’ve accomodated at Kolej Burhanudin Helmi, in the same college, there are male and female blocks, unlike UIA. Different Mahallah for different gender. Since its semester break I only can see few students wandering.

Some of the places I’ve went is Pusanika. Its an unique complex that almost have it all! Lots of commercial banks, you name it, they have it! Food court, services, clubs’ rooms, prayer hall etc. And since I’m only think of Ms. Chika, who studied architecture there, I’ve made my way to that big-white-building block of Engineering Faculty. Hmm, from the outside, there’s no sign of architecture department!

2 thoughts on “UKM”

  1. owh adlan… sangat bagus ko dalam usia 20 tahun dah jadik cikgu… ohoohooohho… nak jadi anak murid bley?

    *ur post sounds serious but let me know if it distracts you when i say craps here…. huhu~

  2. hahaha…funny how it sounds… my fac has no sign of architecture department. Bcoz its an Engineering Fac. Sounds bad that we didn’t have our own faculty but honestly… i enjoy being there. Sgt femes tau architecture student among the engineering students. Very sure u cud imagine it as well. [tak cam kilang ke my fac?] hahaha…

    pity u… staying at Burhanuddin Helmi was bad enuff..i guess! We stayed there during preparation to olympiarch.Terok gila kolej tu! I hate the college. Fuh, unluckily i went to UTM, if not we might c each other since we’ll be in da same college.

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