Understanding Quran Scientifically

Salam. I just bought this book, called Quran Saintifik. It is written by Dr. Danial Zainal Abidin. Actually, I’ve read few pages of this book last year, during my practical training in Penang. I read similar book that I found in Surau An-Nur Lebuh Nipah. However, since the book is not in the surau anymore, I don’t know where to find it. I know I can get it from bookshops, but I’m not the guy who likes buying reading book.

However, while I’m browsing for books at MPH in Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju, I’ve found this new version, Quran Saintifik: Meneroka Kecemerlangan Quran Drpd Teropong – Edisi Jimat. It only cost me RM20. Without any hesitation, I quickly withdraw some cash and bought this book.

So, what you can benefit from this book? In a simple word, this book discussed about the Quranic verses that has been proven with today’s modern science. Some of the topic regarding the creation of the universe, big bang, sky and earth. In the following chapter, it discuss about the creation of man, the stages from sperm to foetus etc.

There are lots of interesting facts that you should know as a Muslim. In another point of view, I can say that this book is one kind of explanation (tafsir) of some verses which requires deep research and study. It also helped me to understand (tadabbur) Quran more. Read ‘Khatam tapi tak faham‘.

If you are interested to get this book, you can either go to major bookstores or click here to shop online.

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P/S – Just started personal campaign to read at least one non-fictional book in a month.

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