Video Editing

For the two previous big events, the dinner and the ihtifal, I have record all of them in handycam. So, what am I suppose to do next?

Yeah, I need to capture em, edit em and burn em to CDs so that all my friends can have a look and reminisce about these little memories on these events. I used Pinnacle Studio 9 software to edit these movies.

For the dinner, I take 2 days to edit and 2 days to burn up to 22 copies. Eventually, the demand is more than what I supplied. So I will just have to burn some 20 somthing copies then. Since ya’ll know that piracy is unstoppable, so in the introduction of the movie, I just put my picture and some message from me stating that ‘eventhough piracy is unstoppable, I just love to share with you all ….’ I know somehow boys usually will make the copy of it or just save it into their PC.

For the Ihtifal, it took my only one night to edit, I just put some caption of event name and people’s name. I guess I have improved my skill in editing video. I hope in the future I can have better opportunities to edit video, and released them into high quality version like DVD.

Adlan : Love to make money..

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