Viewing GPS map on your computer with MapSource

Salam. Today I want to share with you on how to viewing GPS map from your computer. This is just an alternative from using Google Maps. Plus you also can use GPS map when you are offline.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you step by step to install the mapping software, MapSource. It is an official software from Garmin. Next, we install the map from Malfreemaps and view it with MapSource. Alright, let’s get started.

Downloading source files

1. Go to Garmin website. Choose Support and Software from the menu.
2. Select Mapping Programs from the list.
3. Choose MapSource. The latest version when I write this blog is 6.16.2
4. Click Download. Save it in your Downloads folder. We will change the folder later.

5. You can download the map while waiting to download MapSource. There are two main map contributors in Malaysia which are Malsingmap and Malfreemaps. Let’s go to Malfreemaps.
6. In the forum, go to Downloads – Free Public Download – Garmin (cGPSmapper). Then open thread Topic – Free Malaysia & Singapore GPS Map: MFM-Garmin 110926. (The number is the revision date by YYMMDD)

The map is always updated. Choose the latest one.

Installing the map

9. Once the file has been downloaded, you can run MFM-Garmin-110926.exe. Just follow the setup as shown in the screenshot below.

10. Choose Custom Polygons & POIs (For uploading to Nuvis/Streepilots/MobileXT)

11. When prompted ‘Do you wish to create a gmapsupp.img?’, choose No. That’s it for the map installation part.

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Installing Mapsource

12. Copy the Mapsource file from into Garmin folder. It should be under ‘C:/Garmin/’
13. Don’t click on the file. It is a compressed file so you should extract it as shown below. Choose ‘Extract to MapSource_6162\

14. Once all the file has been extracted, go into the MapSource_6162 folder and select MSMAIN. It will take some time to install the software.

15. There will be no notification mentioning that the installation has finished. So you can simply go to Start – All Programs – Garmin – MapSource and you are now ready to navigate the map from your PC!

Download links

Garmin MapSource
Malfreemaps – Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand maps

In the next entry, I’ll share on how to use MapSource. For the mean time, feel free to try the software.

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  1. Lan..thanks for sharing this..this is so helpful..i've been browsing to do this for quite some time but havent successfully find a solution for it.hehe

  2. Mello, sure you're welcome. For non GPS owner, sometimes its hard to resist to buy GPS. anyway here is the option. Install in laptop and use it while driving!

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