Virus at KAED

I heard rumours bout virus in KAED that have been infecting most of KAED students. I took for granted everything about this virus thingy because I never had any system-crasher virus but I do familiar with trojans,adware spyware or any-ware and the main breeding point of this epidemic is through the internet. so, you can play safe if you surf the internet with Mozilla Firefox, and have antivirus software. I only have AVG.

I heard from my friend that his file was infected with ‘kangen’ virus, that hides inside any document. He got it from one of our friend just because of we used his computer through our pendrives. Actually, I never thought of using his computer but I need to scan my sketches. That’s when I got a VBS/Redlof virus inside my pendrive, then soon into my hard disk.

  • It doesnt do any harm to my documents but this virus creates an executable (*.EXE) that will open ‘window explorer’ once you click the ‘duplicated folder’ that have the same name.
  • I was restricted to view the ‘registry edit’ by the admin (I’m the admin!)
  • It creates administrator account which I don’t do it by myself
  • In Window Explorer, on Tool menu, ‘Folder Options’ have gone!

I dunno what’s gonna happen next. But for sure, I’ll reformat this PC and start again with zero. Sob.. sob..

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  1. ya allah … mmg la virus tu dasyat gila… budak 2nd yr pun berlambak dah kena virus tu …suma terpaksa format.. ish ish … sabar je la.. anyway ko kena ke?

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