Visit Newcastle: Walking along the Nobbys Breakwater

Salam. From now on, I’ll be blogging more about Newcastle, as I am visiting and experiencing the tourist places of attraction offered here together with my wife.

In the first entry of this series, I’ll share about one of the popular spots in Newcastle which is the Nobbys Breakwater.

History of Nobbys

An early problem facing captains of sailing ships entering Newcastle was the loss of wind in the ship’s sails as they passed the towering Nobbys outcrop at the Port’s entrance.

Nobbys was joined to the mainland and then reduced to half its original height, now 27.5 metres.

A ship approaching Newcastle Harbour, assisted by couples of tugboats.

Nobbys are well known for the beach, breakwater and the weather station a.k.a Newcastle lighthouse which is the prominent landmark in Newcastle city.

Many people came here for brisk walking, jogging or fishing. Some just came to appreciate the scenic view this place has to offer. Not to forget the feeling of peace and tranquillity walking along the breakwater. We ourselves walked along the breakwater and experienced it and even had a quick breakfast while enjoying the view of Newcastle Harbour.

The Nobbys Breakwater is approximately 1400m long, measured from the vehicle turning circle.

At the end of the breakwater, there’s a tower with a big reflective orange panel. I guess it functions as a guide for ships coming to Newcastle.

More interesting places in Newcastle coming soon!

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