Visiting Circular Quay, Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

It’s my very first visit to Sydney and the first destination is Circular Quay. My wife on the other hand has been here before for a site visit for her studio project. After we got off the bus at the Central station we took a train to Circular Quay via Bankstown line. We were there from 1.30pm to 3.30pm for some lunch and sightseeing around the area.

Circular Quay

This is the first venue of the day. Circular Quay is one of the Sydney’s tourist attraction where it houses the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. This is the map showing the point of interest here. It portrays one of the spectacular Harbour City in the world. We couldn’t get enough of it.

Huda’s project

At Harold Square, part of the project site. The red area in the map above shows the location of the site.

Apparently, this is what made me so eager to visit Circular Quay. My wife’s studio project’s site is here which is at 1 Alfred Street. I’ve been assisting her with the 3D models and renderings of the site surrounding throughout this semester. Before this I only got to visualize it after studying Google Maps and with help from photos. I really wanted to see the site before my eyes. We got the idea how the project was going to look like once we visited the site again.

Sydney Opera House

The Opera House is located about 200 meters from the site. It’s like a dream come true, when I witnessed one of the world iconic landmark right in front of me.

Harbour Bridge

This is another iconic landmark in Sydney and it is located within walking distance from Circular Quay station. We had lunch with a view towards the bridge.

After that, we took an elevator up to the Cahill Walk along the Cahill Expressway for a better view of the the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

Customs House

My wife said that there is a 3D model of the whole city of Sydney showcased under the glass of the ground floor of the building. You can actually step on the glass and take a tour of the mini city there. The building houses a library, cafes, lounge and information center which is a prefect place to start exploring Sydney from. The Customs House was supposed to be opened 7 days a week. Unfortunately, it was closed when we got there. Anyway, something special was going to happen here tonight.

After spending some time here at the Harbour City, we headed to our next destination which is Lakemba. Will be continued in the next entry.

Credit image of Sydney Opera House Sails from Sydney Architecture

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