Visiting Imam Ali Abu Talib Mosque in Lakemba

Salam. Continuing our next destination of our first Sydney trip to one of the oldest mosque in Sydney which is Imam Ali Abu Talib Mosque which is located in Lakemba. We took a train ride via Bankstown line. The journey took about 33 minutes. The mosque is situated another 20 minutes walk from Lakemba station at Wangee Road.

The mosque

It has been awhile since I’ve prayed in a mosque other than the one near to our house in Wallsend, Newcastle. The feeling is different because this mosque is built for the Muslim community in Sydney.

Inside the mosque

This mosque is one of the biggest mosques in Sydney. The main prayer hall is on the first floor while the women’s prayer hall is on the second floor. There is even a sub-basement parking which can be easily accessed from the ground floor.

After I finished Jama’ prayer of Zohr and Asar, I snapped some pictures around the mosque.

Lakemba town

There are many Muslims who live here. They are successful in operating businesses in the town such as grocery shops, restaurants, Muslimah boutiques, a bookstore and even a hairdressing shop.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for our next destination in the coming entry.

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