Visiting Sydney, Australia – guide for Malaysians

Since AirAsia has opened a new route from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney last February, many Malaysians have visited Sydney since then.

Hence, I’ve also received quite a few comments from my blog visitors asking me about interesting places to visit in Sydney.

Well, Sydney is a quite a large city and honestly, I haven’t covered all of the interesting spots as there are so many! Anyway, I’ll try to compile a must-visit list for you.

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If you are coming to Sydney with a travel agency, it is not much problem. They will take you to these interesting places. But if you are on your own, to cut your budget, you’ll be needing this list.

Must visit

These are among the famous places, and most people who have been to Sydney, will be going to ask you whether you’ve been here or not.

1. Sydney Opera House

One of the world’s most prominent landmark in the architecture world. Located in Circular Quay, the Opera House is one of the most happening nodes in Sydney. You must have your photos taken over here.


  1. It is more happening if you come during a festival held here. Plan ahead to come during the Vivid Sydney, which is usually held in June-July every year.
  2. Join the guided tour inside the Sydney Opera House for $35 and learn about the history, design and architecture behind this magnificent building

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2. Blue Mountain

Try and plan a whole day trip to get close to nature to the Blue Mountains. From the Echo Point, you can walk to the Three Sisters rock formation. At the Scenic World, grab a $28 Discovery Pass to enjoy the valley via cable car and skyway.
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3. Featherdale Wildlife Park

Located 45 mins from the centre of Sydney, this park is where you can see kangaroos roaming around and get a chance to even pat and feed them. You also can pat the koalas and other Australian wildlife here. Ticket is $27 for adult.
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4. Paddys Market

A must visit place to get souvenirs for your friends, family and colleagues. Located in Chinatown, you can expect ‘Uptown Danau Kota’ style over here. Grab your key chains, fridge magnets, Sydney t-shirts and so much more. However, it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
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5. Darling Harbour

This is where you can see lot of boats and ferries. There are also a few attractions along the harbour including the Sydney Aquarium, Madame Tussauds and Wildlife Sydney Zoo. You’ll have to purchase a ticket and it cost $25 online price compared to $36 walk up price to enter one of the attractions.
Better yet, grab the Darling Harbour BIG TICKET, a combo ticket for all 3 attractions online and save up to 44% for an adult.
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Optional visits

These are all optional visits, if you have the time and budget.
Explore the CBD (Central Building District)


These two where you can get good bargain for branded products. Much cheaper than most of the shopping centres around Sydney.

Muslim Community Suburb
The majority of Muslims in Sydney are Lebanese and Turkish. You can visit the mosques and there are plenty of halal meal options here.

  • Randwick/ Kensington – South East Asian
  • Bankstown & Punchbowl – Egyptian, Lebanese
  • Auburn – Turkish
  • Lakemba – Lebanese, Egyptian

Australia has lots of beautiful beaches along the east coast. However I’m not encouraging you guys to visit the beach because of the indecent attire of the people on the beach especially during the summer. However, you can still enjoy the beauty of the beaches, just don’t forget to lower your gaze!

  • Bondi Beach
  • Bronte Beach

Bonus: Visit Canberra

It only cost about $150 for a day tour to Canberra by bus to this Putrajaya of Australia. These are another two tourist attractions, located outside Sydney. In KL, tourists will visit Bangunan Parlimen and Tugu Negara. This is the Oz version.

Canberra Day Trip website

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That’s all for now. I hope this list will help you plan your journey during your trip to Sydney. I’ll write another entry on how to cut down your budget while enjoying your trip, aka budget traveler or backpackers style!

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  3. Assalamualaikum,

    Bagaimana percutian di Tasmania? Jika ingin berada di sana untuk 2 hari berapakah per head cost. untuk dewasa dan kanak2.

  4. Salam, saya dan keluarga akan bercuti (7 org) ke Sydney pada 20 hingga 26 (6 nights) Mac 2014. Saya sangat berharap untuk mendapat khidmat En. Adlan dalam merancang percutian kami. Saya berharap En. Adlan dapat membalas message saya ini secepat mungkin. Terima Kasih.

  5. Salam Adlan,

    Saya dan family seramai 10 orang akan ke Sydney dari 4 jun hingga 10 jun 2014 ini. Saya berhasrat untuk mendapat khidmat Adlan dan tempat penginapan sepanjang kami di sana. Harap dapat mendapat khabar berita dari Adlan dengan kadar segera. Terima kasih

  6. Salam..saya dan family seramai 10 orang akan ke Sydney pada 27 May hingga 1 Jun 2014. Saya ingin mendapat khidmat Adlan sepanjang kami di sana. Terima kasih.

  7. Assalamualaikum.
    Kak dgn kekawan seramai 10 org akan ke sydney dan canberra pada 29hb mei -3hb jun 2014.
    Bolh rancang tour utk kak dan kos per pack.

  8. Salam.
    Saya bercadang melawat sdyney 5d4n
    Tarikh 7hb Nov 2014 hingga 11Nov
    Group…. 4 dewasa senior citizens.
    Kami pergi New Zealand dari Malaysia ,
    Balik stopover Sydney.
    Harap beri kos untuk ground arrangement
    Terima kasih

  9. Salam, saya bercadang untuk ke Sydney pada musim bunga 2016, 7D6N
    – Group tour dalam 16 orang dewasa.
    – on the 1st day, stay at Malaysia Hall Sydney.
    – need to visit UNSW on the 2nd day. Uni of Newcastle on the 4th day (by train). Spent 1 night at the uni, sleep at their hostel.
    – on the 6th day, stay at Malaysia Hall again. the next day (the 7th day) will be the flight back to Malaysia.
    Saya sangat berharap untuk mendapat khidmat En. Adlan dalam merancang percutian kami. Saya berharap En. Adlan dapat membalas mesej saya secepat mungkin. Terima Kasih.

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