Visit Newcastle: The New Newcastle Museum

Salam. In this entry, I’ll share about a brand new tourist attraction in Newcastle which is the new Newcastle Museum.


The museum was opened on 4th August 2011. It is located at Honeysuckle Drive next to Civic Station, adjacent to 2P and 4P parking lots.

The museum is actually existing heritage buildings, the Honeysuckle Railway Workshops which was reused to accommodate exhibition spaces, an education centre and an associated cafe. The admission is free so you can bring all your family members along too!

Newcastle Story Gallery

There are three main exhibition gallery. The first gallery is Newcastle Story. You can read all about the history of Newcastle from the early settlements to the modern day. There are only a  few artifacts displayed here but they made the showcase so big and attractive.

There was a tram service in Newcastle long time ago before public buses took over because it is more efficient. The museum displayed the tram for visitors to hop on and experience it.

Supernova Gallery

The next gallery exhibits science and technology stuff which feels like visiting National Science Centre in Bukit Kiara. Kids and adult can learn and experiment science with all the exhibits.

Fire & Earth Gallery

In the last century, Honeysuckle housed BHP Steelworks industry. In this gallery, you can see all the remainings of the steel industry. We were lucky as we were just in time to witness the interesting show which told us the story of the industry.

There is a Link Gallery which links the heritage buildings which contains a display of  a life size pipe organ, locomotive and some painting.

I really like the modern design concept that was applied to the museum even though the setting is in a heritage building. It makes visiting to the museum so interesting and attractive.

This is my favourite shot!

That’s all for now. More Newcastle exploration coming soon!

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  1. Salam adlan…

    Im on my wat to sand boardig dari central station sydney…do i need to stop at Newcastle station…and then mcm mne nak pegi ke sana slps itu?

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