Vivid Sydney – Spectacular and Creative Lights Performance

This is the last destination of our first Sydney trip. We came back to Circular Quay to watch the Vivid Sydney show. It is when Circular Quay comes to live and is happening at night.

What is Vivid Sydney?

The Vivid Sydney is a festival of light, music and ideas and it colours the city with breathtaking immersive light projection on iconic Sydney Opera House sails, Customs House, and free outdoor exhibition of interactive light sculptures.

The light projections start at 6pm to 12pm. We arrived there at about 7pm and could see many people hanging out with their friends and family. It was the last night of the event and I’m glad we finally made it here to witness it with our own eyes. Thanks to the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

Opera House sails

These are snapshots of the light projection on Sydney Opera House sails. It’s not easy to take a picture at night using a compact camera.

This is the time lapse video of the light performance.

Customs House facade

Here are snapshots of the light projection on the Customs House facade. I’ve watched it on Youtube last year. This time, I’m watching it live!

This is the full length video of the light show.

Other illuminating arts installation and sculptures

These photos were taken from Vivid Sydney Mashup website.

We should have seen all of the light installations on site. But I didn’t want to arrive home after midnight. That’s why we left quite early at about 8.30pm from Circular Quay. The bus departed at 9pm and we arrived in Newcastle at 11.40pm after one of our memorable outing this year.

The lesson from this trip is we should invest in a tripod. If you notice from our photos that we don’t have any pictures together as a couple.

If you are coming to Sydney next year, you can visit Vivid Sydney official website for details if you want to catch the lights.

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    1. abang tak pernah pegi iCity lagi. tapi acara tu kejap je tak sampai sebulan pun kat situ. dah abes acara dia tanggal la semua bahan pameran tu

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