Volunteer at KLCC

I had registered my name to Yayasan Salam Malaysia and this is my first volunteer service. It actually for the ‘Charity Duck Race’, where my task is to collect donation and participation from the public. So here the story goes..

I went to Putra LRT KLCC as early as 10am and then, my friend & I started wandering along the tunnel, looking for generous citizens. Yea, its kinda hard. Now I know what it is for a direct selling person feels like when people ignoring their talk. But, I’m glad I’m not into that thing. I did it for fun and in the end of the day, I mean, I worked for only 4 hours and managed to finish my ticket booklet. It has 10 tickets and I got myself 2.

The ticket sold at RM18 per duck adoption, RM10 for MAKNA and KIWANIS respectively and RM8 for the participation fee. Actually, the ticket’s price is increasing throughout the years.

P/S- how can I win in this race? the possibility is very low!

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