Vypress Chat

The cure for students worst nightmare. What is it? Actually Vypress Chat is a unique software, introduced by my friend, Aznizam. and it really give UIA students who subscribed to WIFI a relief. Yea, if the WIFI server down and disconnected few times, then you won’t be happy if you wanna download something or chat with your friends.

In this software, it enables you to gain your network, the wireless network within the same access point. So, I can easily chat with other students who suffer the WIFI technology in college. It has the same interface like mIRC and the good news for those who loves to download entertainment sources from internet. Now you can access to other users computer shared files and you can even download any files that they wanted to share such as drama series, manga, animes, MP3 and others.

The trick is that, at least you’ve got the WIFI signal. Internet connection is not an issue at this moment. Currently, LAN games such as DOTA or NFS Most Wanted is getting its hype among these students. The bad news is that, the boys access point is not the same as the girls access point because of different WIFI service provider. So, there are only boys in the network. No girls.. huhu

For more information about VYPress Chat, check out their website at Vypress.com. Get yourself a copy today and enjoy a hassle free downloading experience!

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