Waqtu: Rainmeter Prayer Time Skin


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This skin basically will parse the prayer times data from Islamic Finder website every 24 hours.


Latest version of Rainmeter 2.2. Download here.


  1. Extract Waqtu into My Documents/Rainmeter
  2. Run Rainmeter and Manage Rainmeter
  3. Click Refresh All button if Waqtu is not in the list
  4. Expand Waqtu folder, choose the Prayer Time and Hijri Date skin and click Load Skin button


Using the skin is fairly straightforward. But just in case here is a short video demonstration on how to install and use the skin.

  1. Click on the setting button to edit the URL
  2. Visit Islamic Finder website and find your location, based on city and country
  3. Copy the URL code of the XML format
  4. Replace the URL code in the setting
  5. Right click on the skin and Refresh Skin



Version 1.2 – 20/2/13

  1. Fix positioning issue
  2. Add another variant – with semi transparent dark background

Version 1.1. – 23/4/12

  1. Split Hijri Date and Daily Prayer time into separate skins
  2. Clean and better coding
  3. Setting button for easier way to paste URL

Version 1.0 – 13/11/11

  1. Display daily prayer times and hijri date in one skin

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  4. Hello, I keep pasting the xml format on the URL code but it’s still not updating the times.
    Please help.

    Thank You

  5. I have pasted the xml format of the URL and the times do not get updated no matter how many times i refresh the skin. Please help.

    Thank You

  6. Assalamualaikum bro, any chance you have an updated version of this skin? Loved to minimalistic approach but it doesn’t work now.

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