Wedding Design Project: Facebook Relationship Status Geeky Placard

Salam. In this entry, I will share about the geeky placard that I’ve designed for the wedding on the bride’s side.

Facebook Relationship Status

Facebook has a relationship status update that shows the user’s status whether being single, in a relationship, engaged or married. So I wanted to take this concept into the wedding.

Credits to Liewcf for taking a screenshot of his married status. I used the template to design mine because at that time, it was hard to look for the relationship status update on my Facebook homepage.

The date on the placard was when I officially got married which was when the ‘akad nikah’ took place on Friday.

Designing the placard in Illustrator

Then, I opened Adobe Illustrator to trace the design. I imitated the font, which is Tahoma and the blue and grey font color.

I got the Facebook vector icon from lopagof via Hongkiat but there were slight differences compared to the latest heart icon. With some tweaks and editing, I managed to get the same look of the latest icon.

Printing the placard

I designed the placard to be in two horizontal A3 size, side by side. Then I pasted them on a half A1 mounting board. Here’s the diagram on how I put them altogether.

Download the template

I generously would like to share this template in AI. The format is in Adobe Illustrator CS3. Make sure you have Tahoma font installed on your machine.


Well, this is one kind of geeky stuff that I have on my wedding. There will be one more final entry about my wedding design project before I’ll write non-marriage stuff again.

60 thoughts on “Wedding Design Project: Facebook Relationship Status Geeky Placard”

  1. Salam… comelnye adlan buat board tu… tahniah2 sangat kreatif!…
    nk mohon kebenaran untuk gune idea nie sms mjlis prnikahan sye nnti bole?? heee terime kasih =)

  2. Salam Adlan…tq..tq…wahh awak sungguh baik hati…sharing dgn kitaorg..since I punya card pun FB..he2…inspired by 1 of Indonesian punya wedding card..if sape2 nk tgk card 2 pun boleh..I ciplak + copy sket idea kreatif u erkk…suke..suker..suker

  3. Hi Adlan how are you? Can you please reply me? I need some info regarding studies in Malaysia. I tried to contact many people there but no one respond. can you please………??


    1. Salam. Yes. You can do it on your wedding day, both FB and cartoon stuff. Don’t forget to give credit to my blog once you got it. I want to see the result! Thanks!

  4. Sangat menarik.. saya suka.. awak sgt kreatif.. mohon guna idea placard ni dan kartun utk wedding saya nnti.. 😉

    1. Waalaikumsalam, Hidayah.
      Yes. You can use it for your wedding. However, if you publish it on your facebook/blog, please give a link credit to my blog. Thank you.

  5. slm..hi…
    sgt suka nk buat….thanks bg idea ni..sbb pernah nmpk dlm 1 photographer punye Fb…kbtulan awk de attach free design..dh xleh bukak n baca sy slh cara?..xtau guna?..heheheh..TQ…tq…

    1. Salam rubie,
      Oh saya guna file Illustrator untuk tujuan ni. Tapi kalau nak buat, saya cadangkan awak pergi ke kedai digital printing yang berdekatan dan minta diorang edit dan printkan terus. Senang cerita.

  6. Salam! Thanks for sharing the template for the placecard! I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for my bestfriend’s wedding hehe. Will definitely link/credit you once bendanya dah jadi! And congrats on your wedding! 🙂

  7. Salam bro Adlan,saya nmpk ada org share gambar wedding bro dgn placard tuh.Saya dah share di wall saya.Harap bro izinkan sbb tak minta izin tuan badan sblm posting.Lg pun ada terfikir nak guna idea nie nanti.Anyway,thanks dan watermark di gambar tuh yg membawa saya ke web bro.Tq again.

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  11. salam ramadhan..cute sangat2 katun tu..awak boleh designkan kad berbentuk fb tak?saya nak kawin taun depan..kitorang nak buat design fb sebab kenal melalui fb & kitorang share aktiviti yang sama iaitu silat pusaka gayong..if boleh nanti boleh send mail tak bagitau boleh ke tak?thanks

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