Wedding Design Project: Purple and Green as Wedding Color Theme

Salam. Colours reflect one’s identity and the same concept also applies in a wedding. In this entry, I will share about how I chose the color theme and concept for my wedding which is on the groom side.

Choosing Color Theme

As you can see from my blog, my favourite color is purple and shades of purple. However, I want to make it different than the rest instead of having all purple theme, from top to toe.

So I’m applying color theory and it turn out to be that purple complement with green. You can see it from this Adobe Kuler application as well.

The Story Behind These Colours

Actually, there’s a story on why I’ve chosen this color combination. For your information, I met my wife back in 2007 during short semester. At that time, we were in the same group called ‘Tampok Manggis Consultant‘. The logo has a combination of purple and green.
I just want to commemorate our first meeting and memories back then everytime I look at these colours.

So this combination of color is unique and I don’t think others want to try it. Well it sure blends.

Purple and Green Wedding Showcase

Wedding Reception Table Cloth
Venue at Banquet Hall and Exposition Center, Kompleks Galleria Silveritage, Ipoh.

Wedding Dress and Attire
Its a mix and match of purple and green traditional songket suit. By Rins Suzana.

Wedding Favor/Souvenir (Berkat)
Its a delicious Kek Gulung with two ribbons. Sponsored by Restu Rezeki Enterprise.

Bunting / Direction Signage
A simple 2ft x 6ft bunting sponsored by SilverSeeds Enterprise.

Wedding Invitation Card
Its a custom made card where I’ve designed it on my own.

In the next entry, I’ll share about our cute cartoon character for the wedding and souvenirs. Stay tuned!

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