Welcome back home


Yes, I’m already home since mid January. But I hardly update on my personal life for the last two and a half months.

I’ve been quite occupied with catching up and spending quality time with family, relatives and friends.

In the first four weeks in Malaysia, I’ve been to too many places, from KL, KB, Pangkor & Penang. Not to mention a short trip to Malacca, for my friend’s wedding. I can say it has been quite a vacation. But not really.

After the past two years of working hard, I guess this is the only time to treat myself before jumping back into the real world.

Malaysia. So much different than Australia. Well, what do you expect?

This year will be totally life changing. I’m running my own business now. I’m going to be a father, insyaAllah, and the most important, I’m a da’ie. Let’s not forget that. That’s among the important reasons God created us isn’t it?

I can’t promise but I’ll try to get back to blogging. This year, I’ll be changing my style.

I think I’ve been too rigid or ‘skema’ in my writing. So, starting from this year, I’ll probably write in Bahasa Melayu, with more personal topics, more Islamic and dakwah issues, more creative stuffs, life hacks and tips, let’s just say more casual and concise.

Maybe for this new breath, I’ll change this layout into blog layout, just like old times.

Okay, enough rants. See you in the next entry.

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