Welcome to Newcastle, Australia

Salam. Today, I’d like to make a special announcement. I’m not in Malaysia anymore.

From the title you can guess that I’m already in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

Why am I here?

Of course it is for honeymoon! Well, not really. I’ll be staying in Newcastle for the next two years. I’m accompanying my wife as she is pursuing her studies in Master of Architecture in the University of Newcastle.

What I’ll be doing here?

For the time being, I’m a full time house husband. But seriously, I’m thinking of becoming a full time freelancer here. I guess I’ll be revising some of the rates so that it can cover my cost of living here. I’m also thinking of doing some mini websites project as well as a web app project.

How about this blog?

Besides that, I’ll be writing more entries related to my life here in Newcastle. I hope it won’t make you bored as I’ll be uploading more photos in my future entries. I’m not sure whether to write a travelogue or just a photolog. Probably I’ll be sharing about design inspirations that I come across here in Australia.

Till then, please pray for our well being and safety in our first adventure far from home.

Newcastle, Australia

12 thoughts on “Welcome to Newcastle, Australia”

  1. Wah! Menarik!

    Sebabnya mungkin tahun depan aku kena melalui pengalaman macam ko ni Lan. BTW, your wife pergi ke sana atas apa-apa tajaan kah? Fellowship maybe?

    1. Pengalaman merantau di negara orang sambil isteri belajar macam aku ke? Atau kau yang belajar?

      Buat masa sekarang, belum ada tajaan. Kami berharap paling kurang pun dapat pinjaman JPA untuk belajar di luar negara.

    1. Apparently there are few places in the world named Newcastle too.

      Sure dude. I’ll update with exciting stuff here. Freelance sounds cool but its gonna be tough!

  2. wahhhhhhh bestnyer!!! i’m fumed with envy! aussie aussie aussie! live well there bloke! be happy with the wife! Allah bless the two of u 🙂

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