What I’ve Learned from Social Games on Facebook

When I started my Facebook, I told myself I will not play any games on Facebook because I hate when seeing the game request status appear on my Facebook homepage.

However, after I read a blog about social gaming, I guess I should give it a try. I was curious and I wonder how these game is really addictive.

After playing these game for more than 4 months since August, these are things that I’ve learned through these games.

1. Patience

You must be patience when playing these game. Most of the task are time bound from 1 minute up to 3 days of completion.

2. Spending Wisely

Actually this is the objective of these game. They want you to spend and buy the cash/coins/tokens. I need to You need to be careful so that I won’t buy anything that I don’t need. It’s just virtual and not worth it.

3. Creativity

Each game with different environment can help us to build our creativity especially in interior decoration and space planning. These screenshot is how my game looks like.

4. Strategy

Some games needs you to think of a strategy when spending resource such as My Empire.

5. Networking

Most game will have this feature and I think its quite annoying because we need to communicate and collaborate with our friends in order to achieve the objective. Otherwise, you need to spend if you don’t want to collaborate.

These are the screenshot of the games that I still play on Facebook.

1. Car Town

2. Baking Life

3. Cafe World

4. My Empire

5. Pirates Ahoy

6. Frontier Ville

Social Gaming Industry

After nearly four months since I started playing Facebook games, I can see that this is one way to generate income through Facebook. There will be people who are impatient, people who want to looks good with some of the items in their game, and it will cost money.

I’m quite shocked when I’m reading a news that a girl using his father Facebook account (which has linked to credit card/Paypal) to play and purchase stuff on the game online. [via]

Well, I also made my first purchase on PlayFish. I bought it because I really need to by the building. Its a good strategy by game developer where not all there are few items is only available through credits/token.

Anyway, I hope that Malaysia creative industry can come up with social games with localize content, language and environment. This is one of the creative way to promote Malaysia food and delicacies to the world.

Which is your favourite game on Facebook? Share with me in the comment box below. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned from Social Games on Facebook”

  1. hahaha, alan tergoda juga akhirnya utk beli playfish cash! tp byk gile game yg alan main. ish3…
    alan, game My Empire tu mcm Age of Empire ke?

    1. tula pasal. tergoda jugak. lepas dah beli rasa macam membazir sebab tak sempat nak main.

      Game My Empire tu macam la… tapi tak rasa pun macam Age of Empire yang best tu.

  2. Salam..

    dulu slalu main cafe world..dan dh tawu strategy mcm mana nak rank top of d list..bila dh smp no 1 dlm list yg beratus kot..dh mls..busan..hee..level 70lebey dh kot..bila dh tawu strategy dan dh capai aim, dh mls nk maintain..and i never purchase anything..sbb kad kredit pun tade..huu..nway mmg game2 dia addictive..sggup tdo lambat nak kene angkat masakan tu kalau x nnt bazir..huu

    1. Salam.

      Yep game ni memang addictive. Tapi benda tu sama je rutin dia. Tu yang kadang rasa bosan gak.

      BTW pakai kad debit pun boleh beli token/cash tu sebab boleh link dengan Paypal. Tapi lebih baik jangan sebab nanti bazir kat game je takde pekdahnye.

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