Why I chose Samsung Galaxy SIII


Finally, I have bought my first ever smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII. You must be wondering why I chose an Android over iPhone right?

I do enjoy Apple but..

I’ve bought an iPhone for my wife and from time to time been experimenting with it since last year. Then I also got an iPad for my mum and a Mac for my dad. Plus, I’ve been using a 27″ iMac at work for months. All I can say is, I do enjoy using Apple products, their beautiful user interface, cool apps and most of the things that Apple fans are proud of.

But there are a few other things that android really brought me in.

Yes, this is a carefully thought decision based on a few factors, as well as my preferences.

Why Samsung Galaxy SIII?

1. Form factor

As a designer, I pretty much like the SIII industrial design. Their designers have finally came out with a good concept, which is inspired by nature. The design is much better than the previous S2 which has sexy curves and feels better in your hand. Performance wise, it’s good enough for now, or at least for the next two years.

2. Big screen

Taller screen just doesn’t cut it. I want to see more of my content, I want to see more white space when reading text on my phone.

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3. Cheaper

Most android phones are slightly cheaper than the latest iPhones. If you can get most of your prefered features in an android, why not resort to the cheaper choice?

4. iPhone too mainstream

Seems like almost everyone around me is using iPhone. Everyone’s phone look the same (apart from the casings). I prefer to stand out from the crowd. 😛

5. Galaxy SIII is the android darling

I noticed that everytime Google has updated the android, Google will update their Nexus devices first, followed by Galaxy SII and SIII. Then all other phones will get updated, sooner or later.

Why I chose Android over iOS?

1. Google ecosystem

While Apple has its own closed ecosystem, I have a deep attachment of using Google even before they have Android. I use almost most of their services including Gmail, Maps, Calendar, Reader and Drive. That’s the thing. Google doesn’t have all these apps on iOS but they do have it on Android. I feel much alive using Android than iOS.

2. Widgets

By using widgets, you can save your time by not opening an app to view what’s inside. Yes, it’s quite annoying on iOS when I have to open the app, wait for the loading screen just to check, for instance the prayer time or any other updates.

3. Customizable

I’ve been a geek who enjoy customizing my machine to make it work for me. iOS lack these features. Android offers me freedom to change how it looks, how it functions and somehow it has more useful features.

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4. iOS UI is boring

I even feel that it hasn’t change for the last 4 years! Perhaps Apple might be sticking to the principle, ‘If It Aint Broke Dont Fix It!’ That’s where it brings back to point no. 4, where customizable architecture truly works for me.

5. Tap into Android market

I design websites and I like to see how they’re going to look on mobile platforms before launching. By having my wife’s iPhone and my SIII, I can view my web projects in both platforms! I have a big plan to develop apps for both iOS and Android next year!

Well, that’s all the reasons why I bought SIII. Most people enjoy Apple stuff because they can afford it and they enjoy being in the Apple’s garden. I just don’t think it fits me well.

This guy on Youtube managed to get 50 reasons why SIII is better than iPhone 5. I’m still in the learning process to learn all new tricks on this phone.

Everyone has their own preferences. Let me know yours in the comment box below.

8 thoughts on “Why I chose Samsung Galaxy SIII”

    1. Thanks for your comment bro. I’m just trying to justified and being rational. I couldn’t stand people who are into something especially Apple, just because its the ‘in thing’.

    1. Oh. Tak sangka bro pun berminat dengan S3. Tapi serius.. bila dah pegang S3, tengok iPhone tu macam kecil je. Macam telefon budak2 sekolah.

      (Iya budak2 sekolah di Australia memang ramai guna iPhone). Selamat menabung!

  1. I’ve using Android since Samsung Galaxy S1 in 2010. Currently replacing my old Galaxy with Note II. However am putting the iPad mini in my wishlist. S1 or Note II, does not fullfill my desire for bigger screen on my mobile device. I just love the way Safari works on iPad.

    1. Yes, iPad mini should fulfill your needs. I already have a look at iPad mini. If you concern about the high density display, iPad mini doesn’t look really nice because it doesn’t have retina display. But if you don’t really mind, go ahead and grab one!

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