Worst movie watching experience

I go to TVG KLCC with my roommates to watch any movie because Haikal have 2 free tickets. Farhat and I decided to watch The Island movie. Actually, the movie is not that bad, the storyline is good and how the director predicted on how the future might be is kinda cool to me. As you all can see, this movie is about human clones.. (I don’t want to write a synopsis about this..) I’ll give B rating for this movie.

The worst things is that, when the movie started, I bet the man who put the film onto the projector might just forgot to turn up the volume out loud. Basically, all the audience couldn’t hear anything from the movie. Then, somebody head out and asking the TGV crew about this matter. What makes me hate TGV is that, the technician took around 10 minutes to rewind the movie.. Argh.. so boring waiting inside..

P/S- its OK since I don’t pay for the ticket..

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