Yahoo Messenger Virus or Malware Attack

Salam. I’ve been using Yahoo Messenger since 2004. At that time, it was the best way to communicate with friends from Friendster. Facebook is not popular in Malaysia at that time.

Anyway, the malware attack is not very new. I’ve been experience it few times. I just want to share some precautions on how to evade the attack.

1. Random friend

Sometime you never chat with this person but suddenly he / she trying to chat with you.

2. English language

Usually I will chat in Malay. Its weird to see my local Malay friend suddenly chat with me in English

3. Greetings or Salam

As a Muslim, I’ll always begin the conversation on YM with Salam. If it isn’t, then, they are some kinda malware.

4. Ask to click on a link

Finally, this person will ask you to click on a link. Usually, its an IQ test.

5. It doesn’t matter what you replied

This person will keep on chatting, despite your nonsense reply. Here’s a screenshot of what I’ve experienced.

This is my common test to see whether my friend is a real human or not. I will just answer with a random number, 1 to 5 to see how they respond.

Once you click on the link, the website will install a malware on your system. I’m not sure how the malware works. But if you’ve been infected, make sure to scan your system with antivirus or malware application.

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This is a community message brought to you by Adlan Khalidi. 😀

11 thoughts on “Yahoo Messenger Virus or Malware Attack”

  1. Dah penah kena sebelum ni. First time kena, terpedaya la jugak n I clicked on that link. Ntah apa-apa yang keluar, takde pun IQ test nye. But then second time, the same person buzz me and said the same thing, just like the picture u attached. Mujurlah takde apa-apa jadi to my laptop.

  2. ada lagi.. sometimes people suka nak letak smilies tambahan, and then diorg google cari software camtuh, install, and guna.. lastly, software yg diorg install tu bertukar pada adware, jahanam pc

  3. gosh i knew it i knew it! i knew that frikkin ym ade virus or something! coz my laptop had been infected dulu. so i uninstalled it. but my roomate tak percaya and cakap my laptop yg ntah ape2. thanks for proving that i was right. though indirectly!
    oh then i online pakai meebo for quite a while before i decided to reinstall that frikkin ym. macam baru three weeks ago. and sheeesh now i think i’m gonna uninstall it again.

    1. Oh my.. Camne boleh kena ni.. next time kena berhati-hati OK. Now I don’t use YM at home. Just using webmessenger. Lagi selamat. Tapi kurang features la pula.

  4. Tu bukan malware dalam komputer. Tu somekind of autobot script hosted kat server. selalunya guna utk illegal way of promotion.
    Bila kita terima invitation or somebody minta chat, dan klik link tu,
    script autobot akan trace contact kat cache (info sementara senarai contact kat ym kita),
    and mula hantar invitation kat list baru tu, bila org baru tu klik, bot akat trace kat cache dia pulak.
    sbb tu ntah tiba2 je kita dapat invitation. chat tu mmg dah ada dalam script so kita taip ape pun dia akan reply.
    lagi sakit if script tu di setup utk simpan id ym kita, maknanya next time kita akan dpt lagi invitation tu.

    yg kes install software smily ntah ape2 tu mmg betul. malware…

    1. Oh.. terima kasih atas penjelasan bro. Rupanya benda tu autobot script. Saya tak sure sangat. Banyak kategori benda2 perosak ni.. Tapi yang buat script ni memang pandai. Tu yang respect juga. Hehe.

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