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I think its my longest list for online buddies ever. 16 people available online while the rest is just on SMS mode.
Nothing to share here. Its just another part of showing off how am I organizing my YM group listings.

1. Azfar’s Friend (7)– my sister’s friends
2. Friends (22)– the one I know in real life but dunno which category. MSN buddies.
3. Internet Buddies (42)– added from Friendster & Myspace
4. Juniors (9)– anyone who’s younger than me
5. MCIIUM PJ (5)– students/lecturers who still in Matric UIA PJ
6. Relatives (9)– my siblings, cousins and I
7. SM Agama KL (43)– schoolmates
8. SM Teknik KL (52)– schoolmates too!
9. Stranger (13)– I dunno how they added me..
10. UIA Gombak (52)– friends in UIA
11. UIA Kaedianz (44)– my fellow KAED students

The number in the bracket indicates the number of people in each group. How do I get these people into my YM list?

Its very easy and simple. I got it from Friendster. Sometime, when you view your friend’s profile, they have their own email on it. But not all of them have it written on their profile.

So, during any of them requested me as their friend, Friendster will display their email in the pending page. So, I just copy and paste the email address in the Yahoo Messenger.

Sometimes, if I was at computer lab, I will open Yahoo Mail and add their email through the address book. So, its good to see you have lots of friends in Friendster and in the mean time, each time you log in to YM, you can tell that there are lots of friends who are also online on the same time.

Another trick in using the YM is to press CTRL + H. This is the shortcut key for ‘Show online/offline contacts’. That’s why in the list, there are only my online friends. Otherwise, I need to scroll down the list to check who’s online.

Its also another good news where YM allow it users to IM with Live MSN Messenger users because I also have a few friends who loved Hotmail. C’mon guys.. Why you choose Hotmail that only offer 2MB inbox space while Yahoo Mail offer 1Gig of inbox space?

4 thoughts on “Yahoo! Messenger”

  1. blog ko ni dah lain nampknye… lebih kemas~ bogus! ๐Ÿ˜€

    pasal YM ni, bogus juge! rajin ko berYM ye… tapi aku tengok ramai yang busy je…

  2. yeah.. sumtimes ppl juz put busy status but eventually not all of them are bz..

    thanx.. i’m waiting for ur new style too

    what ur id bro ismail?

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