Yamli – The Easiest App to Write in Arabic Language

Salam. If you’ve learn Arabic and sometimes you need to write something in Arabic or Malay Jawi font, Yamli is the best online application to do that.


Initially, Yamli was designed as an arabic search engine for the Middle East market or Arabic speaking people. I can say that Yamli is ‘Arabic Google’. Design wise, it follows Google clean user interface.

The idea for Yamli came four years ago in the summer of 2006, when people wants to get information about the war in Lebanon. Yamli means dictation or transcription of spoken text which derived from the word ‘Imla’.

How I use Yamli?

I started to use Yamli one year ago when I tried to look for a solution to write in Arabic. This happen because my computer don’t have that Arabic language pack and I don’t know how to write with the normal keyboard. I mean my keyboard don’t have the Arabic letter on it.

Using Editor application developed by Yamli, I can simply write any Roman or English alphabet and their smart API system will figure out which corresponding Arabic alphabet and suggest few words for that.


You also can watch this 4 minute screencast video to see how it works and how I used them in my design project.

In the end, you can create interesting Arabic typeface on your design project. This is just a quick example by using this method.
Download higher resolution

Till then, enjoy using Yamli and create more design.

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