Website Design

From design concept, mock up design and functional website. All of them are powered by WordPress and some CMS for smaller projects.

Starting 2011, most website will be optimized for mobile and tablets. This will make these website looks great no matter where you’re viewing them.

Starting 2013, I’ll update all the latest works through my business website. Please come and check Dezeek official website for more creative works and latest portfolio.

Client : Azizul Awang Official Website
Date : July 2012

Client : Ustaras Printing Sdn Bhd
URL : View Project
Date : June 2012

Client : Bogi Australia Pty Ltd
URL : View Project
Date : March 2012

Client : Berowra Dental Care
URL : View Project
Date : November 2011

Client : Silverseeds – Digital Print Company
URL : View Project
Date : June 2010

Client : Danascreen – Outdoor LED Advertising
URL : View Project
Date : March 2010

Client : Restu Rezeki – Wedding Gifts and Bakery Supplier
URL : View Project
Date : January 2010

Other clients

  • Just Like Wedding – freelance photographer
  • LD Sports – Showdown of Champions KL and Dolphins Show
  • Cuti Cuti Island
  • Partners In Quality Consultancy
  • IIUM Censerve Team
  • Mu’adh Bin Jabal Islamic Centre
  • Aqsa Syarif Berhad
  • Johor National Parks
  • KAED Universal Design Unit, IIUM
  • Centre for Built Environment, IIUM

Convert PSD / AI to CSS projects

You provide your design, in Photoshop, Illustrator even in MS Word/Powerpoint, and I’ll convert them into WordPress or Blogger as well as static websites.

  1. Free Logo Online
  2. Photo Geek
  3. Withsuperpowers – Arlia Hashim’s blog
  4. Showdown of Champions 2009 KL Website
  5. Perez Design Official Website