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[Poster] Al-Quran – Life Companion


Sebagai seorang Muslim, Al-Quran ialah teman hidup kita ataupun ‘life companion’.

Sebagai Muslim juga, Al-Quran itu umpama sahabat karib kita. Sentiasa didampingi dan dibaca setiap hari, malahan kita juga wajib mempelajari mesej yang terkandung di dalamnya.

Pesanan ini juga ditujukan kepada diri sendiri dan rakan pembaca sekalian.

Sebuah lagi karya kreatif minggu ini. Diilhamkan daripada acara pelancaran telefon pintar Samsung Galaxy S4 pada minggu lepas.

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[Poster] Duduk Sebentar dan Beriman Sejenak


Dihasilkan menggunakan aplikasi Keep Calm.

Kata-kata dalam poster itu dipetik dari Al-Muntalaq. Sangat dalam maksudnya.

InSyaAllah selepas ini, aku akan cuba mendisiplinkan diri untuk menghasilkan rekabentuk grafik dalam blog setiap minggu khususnya pada hari Jumaat.

Kepakaran aku adalah dalam merekabentuk grafik. Oleh itu, aku perlu menggunakan kelebihan ini sebaik-baiknya. Mungkin dari segi penulisan aku terasa banyak kekurangan.

Antara idea untuk aktiviti grafik mingguan ini termasuklah poster, wallpaper, infografik dan pelbagai lagi. Jika anda ada sebarang idea, sila kongsikan di dalam ruangan komen ataupun di laman FB

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Zulhijjah Reflection [Infographic]

Salam. This is my second infographic since the wedding infographic that had gone viral a couple years ago.

This infographic is mainly about the ibadah and rituals of Hajj, the origin of the rituals, the number of days as mentioned in the Quran, the process of Hajj and what we as Muslims should do during the first 10 days in the month of Zulhijjah or Dhul-Hijjah according to Quran and Hadith.

Click on the image to view high resolution.

Thanks to my friend, Harith for the idea of coming up with this Islamic style infographic.

I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share with the rest of the world.

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E-Code Halal Status (ECHoeS) Card 2.0 released


It seems that a lot of people are truly concerned about the halal status of E-codes found in their everyday groceries.

After the first version of E-Code Halal card 1.0, today I officially announce the new version 2.0. From now on, I will call it ECHoeS Card, which stands for E-Code Halal Status Card.

In this latest version, I have redesigned the card from ground up, doing a bit of research from some websites and existing apps in order to make it relevant and updated.

Design Process

This is how the first concept looks like. The idea is to have three columns and the numbers put under their respective categories.

I printed a mock up and took it to the supermarket for practical test. Then I decided to change the layout to portrait so that it will fit nicely in your hand. Just like when we use our phone.

Numbering order

In the first design, I put the numbers in three main columns. However, based on my experiment, it takes more time to browse in separate three columns. So that’s why I decided to remove the columns and put the codes back in order.

Color scheme

I was inspired by the user interface in mobile, namely the Apple iPhone. Thus, I decided to give it a 3D look rather than flat colors by adding some gradient and shiny plastic button effects on the numbers.

Go to the official ECHoeS Card project page for full documentation and get the latest and updated version.

If you have any feedback regarding the card, let me know in the comment box below. Thanks.

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Prayer Time skin update


After more than 5 months of releasing my first Rainmeter skin, Prayer Times now received a new update. It is Prayer Time version 1.1. This version is codenamed Waqtu, which means ‘time’ in Arabic.

In this new version, I have fixed the coding from the ground up. It has cleaner codes and is easier to manage. Everything is under one folder, and I’ve organised the configuration, fonts and images in proper directory.

I’ve also split the Hijri date and the prayer time into separate skins. Some countries have different dates than the ones shown in the Islamic Finder website. Currently I noticed the difference between Malaysia and Australia Hijri dates.

Finally, the most wanted update is the easier way to copy paste the URL from the Islamic Finder website. I’ve put the ‘Setting’ button that will auto-magically appear when you hover your mouse to the top right of the skin.

Go to official Waqtu: Rainmeter Prayer Time skin page.

Future update

I’m planning to include more features in the skin in the future. If you have any suggestions for the next update, share it with us in the comment box. All comments are much appreciated.

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